A day in the life of a technical writer

7.30 am: You wake up. You have decided you WILL read during your free time today. Not just technical documents carelessly written by the developers, but actual books. You know, the ones you used to read. A thousand years ago.

9:30 am: You reach your desk, all pumped for the day. You are going to complete the work you have, but take periodic breaks to read at least 20 pages of the book that has been lying at your desk from the past two years.

9:32 am: You open your system, and see that the build of a toolkit broke. You panic, a hundred percent convinced the changes you made earlier caused the build failure.

10 am: You have finished building all the components you worked on, trying to rectify your mistake. Everything looks okay, but years of low self esteem issues convince you that you did something wrong.

10:30 am: You gather the courage to approach the Powers That Be and ask them about the build break.

10:40 am: They laugh condescendingly at you, and throw a bunch of technical jargon, which ultimately means you did nothing wrong.

11 am: You are already an hour and a half later than the schedule you had set up in your head about finishing reviewing the PDF for your team member. You decide to be review it quickly and efficiently.

12:00 pm: You are 6 pages in, in a PDF that is 60 pages long. A real sense of panic is gnawing at your core at this point. You chide yourself for nitpicking, and decide to speed things up.

1:30 pm: Due to constant encouragement from your inner Goddess, you are 25 pages in. You smile as you lock your system to go for lunch.

2:20 pm: After spending a good part of the lunch hour playing mobile phone games or discussing the person you used to be, instead of reading THAT DAMN BOOK, you return to your desk, to continue your review work.

5:30 pm: You have successfully finished reviewing the PDF. You almost write a mail about having finished reviewing when you realized that you missed checking for consistency across standards in writing. With a sigh, you reopen the PDF.

6:30 pm: You have finished reviewing, finally, the PDF.

6:40 pm: Your eyes are tired, your mind is filled with words like “named signals” and “selector string”.

6:42 pm: You yawn your heart out, and decide to leave for the day.

Your book is lying at the corner of your desk, unblemished and untouched. The only thing outside of your work that you managed to read was a buzzfeed article about 8 Ways to Decorate Your Office Cubicle and a quora article that consisted of a debate between South India cuisine vs North Indian cuisine. You also managed to half listen to 2 and a half songs in between, but you cannot recollect what the songs were.


About kikiyo2011

Yes. I am a ragabash. I love eating, singing (though I am no good at it), and writing random things. I like to consider myself as a hilarious person, but those people who are unfortunate enough to read my blog should know that my comedy is slapstick, so you wont find it in my writing. Still...please read my blog. Otherwise I might dance on the streets of my city naked (cant take rejection).
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