Feeling Universal

I spent my time watching a lot of older How I Met Your Mother episodes today. It felt good.

Sometimes when I watch that show, I feel like I am Ted, and the whole world keeps taking the romance away from my life. Then, I realize that 99% of the people watching the show must also feel the same way. It feels good to know that what I feel when I watch something is a feeling felt by millions when they watched it. Makes me feel less alone. Like if I can have that honest moment of feeling something with a bunch of people I will never meet, hear or see, I can never be truly alone.

Think about it. Think about a song that you love, a painting you admire, a poem you adore, or a silly forward your friend messaged you that brought a smile to your face. It becomes all the more special the minute you either share it with someone you love, or you realize is loved by people you might never know. It gives you a huge sense of community, of belonging, doesn’t it? I will go a step further and say it makes me feel faith. Like, if what I feel is so universal that it was felt by many others when they came in contact with the same piece of art, then I can be sure that this world is a good place.  


About kikiyo2011

Yes. I am a ragabash. I love eating, singing (though I am no good at it), and writing random things. I like to consider myself as a hilarious person, but those people who are unfortunate enough to read my blog should know that my comedy is slapstick, so you wont find it in my writing. Still...please read my blog. Otherwise I might dance on the streets of my city naked (cant take rejection).
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