If I Were a Balloon, I would Explode…

Let me start by putting the cat out of the bag. There are a few things in life that I live for. One of those things is food. I love to eat. All the time. If I could, I would spend every minute of my waking life eating. Obviously, with time, the girth of my waistline increased.

Nowadays, whenever I eat, a lady friend of mine says, “Oh God! If you eat so much, you will burst.” After she said the same sentence (in different pitches of voice) 100 to the power of infinity times…my imagination went into an active overdrive – What if  I really do burst? Oh..what if I become an inflated balloon!!

This was the result of my imagination:

Stages showing my transition from a deflated balloon to an inflated inflated balloon to..BOOM!!


Nice, right? All I can say is that I am really happy that I am NOT a balloon. The chances of me exploding because of eating are negligible compared to chances of me exploding because of other reasons (bomb explosions, for example. Just kidding. Not really.).



About kikiyo2011

Yes. I am a ragabash. I love eating, singing (though I am no good at it), and writing random things. I like to consider myself as a hilarious person, but those people who are unfortunate enough to read my blog should know that my comedy is slapstick, so you wont find it in my writing. Still...please read my blog. Otherwise I might dance on the streets of my city naked (cant take rejection).
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